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OfCourse connects users around the world who want to learn and practice real English with native English speakers. 

All using casual conversations!


How it works?

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Learners can choose upto 3 teachers and connect with them to start practising their English. You can choose based on Location, accent, common hobbies and more!

Chat with them and improve your english in the most natural way.

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Teachers get free access and get paid for every text! Chat with your Learner, enable them to improve and become more proficient in English. 

You start off with a base rate and each time you get a great review from your Learner, your pay goes up!

That simple!

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*For optimum experience of Learners, we can only take limited number of Teachers on the platform.


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About Us

The genesis of OfCourse came about when its co-founders met on another social networking app (let's call it Binder) and they both were looking for people to connect and practice their english with. They soon realised that they were on the wrong platforms and there was a need for a dedicated place where people could learn and improve their english whilst connecting on topics of common interest.

As a result, OfCourse was founded. On a mission to make learning and practicing english more global, more natural and much more fun! Pick up an English accent by speaking to someone from England or a Texas accent from a Texas native! All the while, discussing topics you like from the comfort of your phone.